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Investments that Give You the Biggest Tax Breaks (Part One)

Insurance products offer tax-deferred growth while hedging your financial risk Investing is a wise way to build wealth for the future. But taxes can take a big bite of the money you earn if you don’t choose the right products. Fortunately, advanced planning can put you in the driver’s seat, enabling you to make informed […]

How to Avoid Overpaying Tax on Stock Investments

Make sure you’re not paying the IRS more than necessary on your stock investment gains Even though stock investments can be risky, investors can realize pretty big returns. Most experts suggest creating a diverse portfolio of different kinds of stocks, and hanging on to them through various market fluctuations. But keep in mind that there […]

How to Avoid Triggering the Dreaded Wash Sale Rule

Don’t make this critical mistake that keeps you from harvesting losses on taxable investments The silver lining to losing money in the stock market is getting a tax benefit. Recording a loss is as simple as selling the losing investment – and when your capital losses exceed your capital gains, you can take a tax […]

How to Avoid Overpaying Tax on Bond Investments

Worried about taxable payouts? Here’s what you should know about taxes and bond investments For any investor, creating a balanced portfolio can take years of practice and market study – not to mention countless meetings with advisors. While bonds aren’t always the talk of the town, these usually-conservative investments do have their benefits. Bond investments […]

Getting the Right People in the Right Seat, Part 1: The People Analyzer

How to evaluate the right person for the job The hardest thing to manage in business is people. The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) defines that businesses are comprised of vision, people, data, issues, process, and traction – but in practice, managing people represents probably sixty-percent of the effort. This is one of the reasons it’s […]

Defining Your Business’s Three Unique Traits

What separates you from the crowd? In today’s market, competition is fierce. It is no longer enough to simply be better than your rivals because there is inevitably a lot of them, most of which may seem identical to all but the most trained eye. You have to show your customers what makes you different. […]

The Proven Process: A Map for Business Success

From it, you’re able to distill a documented path – the recipe – your customer will take when they use your product or service. Why does Epicurious – a bastion of gastronomic journalism – declare the best cookbook ever written to be none other than the 85-year-old Joy of Cooking? It’s sold more than 18 […]