Tax Strategies You Can Grow Into Based On Your Long-Term Goals, Part One


Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) can offer lucrative tax benefits for your business – as well as contribute to a smart exit strategy Watching your business grow is rewarding, but it can also be daunting when higher revenue leads to a bigger tax bite from Uncle Sam. Understanding how taxes impact your business and your…

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The Elements of Realizing Your Company’s Vision

Successful organizations have a vision and the explicitly-defined goals and processes to achieve it Growth by chance is a possibility, but do you want to bet on it? Growth through purposeful planning is a smarter choice, and there’s an approach that offers actionable steps which create a roadmap to business success. The most successful organizations…

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Explaining Tax Reform: The Section 199A Business Deduction

The new law creates the most significant tax break for small business owners in decades The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is the nation’s first major tax overhaul in 30 years – and introduces a completely new concept to the Internal Revenue Code. For the first time, IRC Section 199A allows individual taxpayers (other than corporations)…

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