How a Spousal IRA Works and the Benefits

a notepad with spousal IRA written on it

A spousal IRA allows a working spouse to contribute to a non-working spouse’s IRA under specific conditions Key takeaways IRAs can create tax savings while providing future retirement income A non-working spouse might not be eligible for a regular IRA But the working spouse can make contributions to a spousal IRA This arrangement benefits the…

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5 Problem-Solving Tips for Business Owners

business owner talking to a team about solving a problem

Business problem-solving is not always straightforward, and it requires collaboration, creativity, and a deep dive to uncover the root cause. Key takeaways: Identify and address the root cause Know when to delegate Take time to outline your thoughts Ask for new perspectives Use the EOS Toolbox™ and the Issue Solving Track™ Solving problems is a…

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6 Ways to Manage Tax Records More Efficient

tax returns file folder in a file cabinet

Are you keeping your business tax records organized? Here are 6 tips for doing it right. Key takeaways: Six tips for better records management: Keep tax documents together Go digital Get ahead of deadlines Use one account or card for expenses Put a weekly plan in place Know which documents to keep and for how…

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The Top 7 Financial KPIs for a Small Business

financial KPIs represented on digital graphs and charts

Are you keeping accurate tabs on your business’s performance? These 7 financial KPIs will help! Key takeaways: Financial KPIs help you understand how the business is performing and what to focus on now and in the future 7 important financial KPIs: Net profit Net profit margin Average customer acquisition cost Working capital and current ratio…

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