The starting place for us is always tax planning.

Our strategies allow us to create value, justify our existence, and in many cases, provide a 1,000-2,000% return on investment. After putting out the fires of paying too much in tax, we can then do a deep dive into the businesses financial and operational health and finally make it to planning for an exit

strategic entrepreneurial system

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What our clients say.

“Marty and Dave are awesome! They have really helped propel our business and focus on numbers and growing to become a better company.”

Chris AlfordHouze Buyers – Houston TX

“My favorite thing about provident is the forethought and the investment that they’ve made in us to grow this business, not just looking in the rearview mirror, but helping to drive us forward to be successful.”

Craig PriceSouthern MH – Houston TX

“Our first year we were looking at paying quite a bit in taxes. So being able to have significant tax savings and being able to put that back into our company has been a huge benefit. Dave and Marty, I really appreciate what you guys are doing for us and I can’t say thanks enough.”

Sean McFarlin Southern MH – Houston TX

“Marty has introduced us to the EOS Process. I am thoroughly impressed with the results so far. We have learned to streamline out meetings and hold each other accountabile. Most Importantly, we are far more productive and goal oriented. Marty is a terrific facilitator of this material. I highly recommend this course for any management team.”

Jason JonesIA Solutions – Houston TX

“EOS is a great system for teaching you how to not work “in” the business but work “on” the business. It teaches you an accountable way to track/monitor your success.”

Jeremy Coffey IA Solutions – Houston TX

“The meetings through Marty and the EOS process has led us to actually be one unit and work together. We all know what is going, we all have the same pulse and direction of the company today and moving forward. The accountability aspect of our company has been lacking which makes decisions and processes move too slowly. However, implementing the EOS process has taught us how to keep personnel accountable for their duties for all employees across the board. Utilizing EOS keeps all of us focused on each task at hand.”

Chris EnglishHealth Scripts – Houston TX

“Working with David Auer and his incredible team at Provident CPA and Business Advisors is, hands down, one of the best financial decisions I’ve ever made. Provident’s brilliant planning strategies have saved me nearly $150,000 in tax liability over the past four years. Provident is aggressive on all fronts and that’s exactly what I’m looking for.”

Jon HolstenRealtor – Ft. Collins CO

“I refer David quite frequently because he has some of the best strategies in the industry. He has a passion for what he does, and it shows in his work.”

Justin MullenaxGoosehead Insurance – Tulsa OK

“David has done a stellar job with all of the clients I have referred to him. They are all very happy. Thank you!”

Daniel GoodwinHouston TX

“I would recommend Provident’s EOS service to any other business that’s not competing with mine!”

Craig PriceSouthern MH - Houston TX

“I really like this EOS process, it’s forward thinking instead of reactionary. It looks at where do we want to be at in 10 years? Where we want to be at in three years? Where do we want to be at the end of this year? It’s been able to bring our team together and get on the same page. EOS helped us implement towards our goals with a strategy in mind.”

Sean McFarlinSouthern MH - Houston TX