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Can Physicians Lose Their House in a Malpractice Lawsuit?

Find out what’s really at stake

There is a perception that malpractice lawsuits may cost doctors everything – their assets, savings, or even their house. But while malpractice cases can be lengthy and expensive, it’s actually very rare that a doctor would lose it all in these cases if he or she has the proper insurance coverage.

Employee vs. Contractor: Why Not Knowing the Difference Can Land Your Business in Hot Water

Make sure you fully understand the ramifications of mislabeling a worker when doing your taxes Your business may see big benefits in hiring independent contractors for certain work. But it’s crucial to remember the difference between an employee and an independent contractor when reporting your taxes each year. Making a mistake in differentiating between the […]

How to Minimize Taxes When You Sell Your Medical Practice

Understanding these key issues keeps more money in your pocket than Uncle Sam’s Small, independent medical practices once dominated the medical landscape. But doctors are increasingly giving up their independence to join larger groups or hospital systems that eliminate the headaches of running a business in today’s health care climate. 2016 marked the first time […]

Investments that Give You the Biggest Tax Breaks (Part Two)

Tax-advantaged income generators offer major benefits to sophisticated investors When it comes to investing, the returns you make aren’t all that matter – the endgame is also about how much cash stays in your pocket after taxes. In the first installment of our two-part series on investments that offer the biggest tax breaks, we considered […]

How to Avoid Overpaying Tax on Mutual Funds

Mutual funds can be taxefficient investments – that is, as long as you are aware of the strategies necessary to avoid overpaying the IRS Investing in mutual funds is a way for investors to pool security ownership with other investors. But when you’re considering taking advantage of the benefits of mutual funds, make sure you […]

How to Avoid – or Reduce – Capital Gains Tax

Capital gains tax doesn’t have to overshadow your profits. Capital gains are profits you see from the sale of assets and investments, such as stocks and bonds or real estate. Any capital losses you experience each year are offset against these gains. Capital gains tax is the tax you must pay to the IRS on […]

Understanding the Data Scorecard

Measuring the right activities today can tell you where your business is going tomorrow Being in the right place at the right time isn’t always a matter of luck. Organizations that adhere to the principles of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) use a powerful tool which allows them to take the pulse of their business […]

Why You Can’t Overestimate the Importance of Tax Planning

Failing to create a plan is the most expensive mistake taxpayers can make Many people scramble to find ways to reduce their taxes as April 15 approaches – and then dive back into busy lives and don’t give them another thought until the following year. But not making time for advance tax planning is one […]