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Cybersecurity Best Practices for Taxpayers: How to Stay Safe

When it comes to cybercrime, nobody is safe. From government agencies to senior citizens, online scams surge around tax time to exploit human and digital vulnerabilities. April is a busy month for law-abiding taxpayers and the individuals who help them file. It’s also the busiest month for criminals out to exploit the personal data and […]

Tax 101 for Gig Economy Entrepreneurs

Remote and “gig” work are on the rise, and that means there are new tax considerations for this new sector of the workforce Many workers across the nation are taking advantage of the rising gig economy—whether taking on side jobs to earn extra income, like driving for Uber on the weekends, or freelancing full-time. Some […]

Sidestep These Errors to Keep More of Your Tax Dollars

Paper filing. Sloppy record keeping. Missing out on deductions. All these and more could mean you’re throwing money away. Here’s how to make your tax return as financially efficient as possible. There are many ways for a tax return to be filed incorrectly. The IRS offers a list of the 9 most common errors which […]

Should You Sell Your Business to Employees?

Perhaps your employees would make the best next owners of the business. How do make that happen? “I just work here.” This can sum up the perspective of an average employee who does not own stock or have any real ownership in an organization. There’s no tangible investment. Many individuals go to work to earn […]

How to Prepare Employees for a Management Transition

For smooth sailing, keep your team educated, informed, and included Humans don’t tend to like change unless they can clearly see a benefit from it. It’s hard-wired into everyone to trust things, people, and methods that have been around for some time, and to be wary of any element which disrupts the status quo—and business […]

Increasing the Value of Your Business With The Value Builder System (VBS)

Knowing the eight drivers that determine a business’s value is the first step to knowing what your company is worth Different business owners are, well, different. They practice different leadership styles, sell different products, and employ different strategies. They all have one thing in common, however: they want to increase the value of their businesses. […]

Exiting Your Business? Why You Need the Right Business Advisor

Most business owners aren’t prepared to sell or leave their businesses, but the right business advisor can help fill in the gaps So, you’ve decided to sell your business. Whether you’re planning to finally retire, start a brand-new venture, or pursue something else entirely, the decision to sell is arguably one of the biggest decisions […]