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The Fine Art of Constructive Criticism in the Workplace

When you’re expanding your business, there will be lots of growing pains along the way. Diplomacy is a key factor in a successful team-management strategy. It’s never fun delivering criticism to your employees. But there are many times when it’s a necessary part of running a business. Entrepreneurs and business owners must harness the art […]

Why Map the Client Journey?

Consumers aren’t required to know what it’s like to run your company. But your company needs to know what it’s like to be your customer. As a business owner, you’re tasked with not only creating a profitable model and ensuring efficiency, but also creating a meaningful and satisfying experience for your customers. Your business wouldn’t […]

How to Define Your Company’s Core Values

Today’s businesses must be clear about who they are, what they believe in, and how their business model proves it. This starts with defining core values. For long-term growth and sustainability, your business needs to have a clearly defined vision that’s shared across the company. And it should be accessible and consistent to the outside […]

Cultivating a Winning Work Culture

The modern workplace is more than just a wage generator. The best companies define, build, and nurture a unique employment culture that benefits employees and customers. Workplace culture is a crucial component of fostering a satisfying environment for employees while engaging customers. A strong company culture provides many benefits for businesses, including higher employee retention […]

Ethical Entrepreneurship: The Impact and Strategies of Ethics

A growing number of global consumers want companies to have an ethically responsible vision and values, or they’ll spend elsewhere. How can small business owners start focusing on their “ethical footprint?” As an entrepreneur, you have plenty to worry about as you try to bring in profits and get your name out there. But growing […]

The Vital Role of Customer ROI and Customer Experience

The customer is always right, and in the age of social media, their feedback has a big impact on your business—good or bad. That’s why every business strategy should focus on customer ROI The proliferation of and dependence on the internet has brought many pros and cons for businesses large and small. You can more […]

How Can Competitive Analysis Help You Grow Your Business?

Scrutinizing the competition is a valuable tool. Learn the importance of competitive analysis and what it can add to your business strategy. No matter what your customer base looks like, chances are they are moving more and more toward doing everything digitally, including how they find companies, products, and services. Your customers now have instant […]

The 2 Faces of KPIs: People and Organizational Performance

KPI can refer to key performance indicator or key person identification. Both of them are important for business growth and performance The success of a business depends on a multitude of factors, from marketing to growth strategy to operational efficiency. But people really drive performance, and learning how to identify and measure weak links is […]

Why the Wayfair Ruling Matters for Sales Tax

Physical presence in a state no longer determines the sales tax that’s due. What does this mean for retail businesses? Sales tax is not always a straightforward topic for today’s retailers, especially with online retail booming and all of the uncertainties in the market due to differing state economic nexus laws. According to a Deloitte […]