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Cybersecurity for Taxpayers and Tax Professionals

Cybersecurity is now a universal concern in every walk of life. What are the risks to tax professionals and their clients, and how can both parties mitigate them? Data security is a major consideration for any industry and, unfortunately, tax preparation is no exception. Tax professionals need to ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place […]

Strategies for Entrepreneurs and Contractors Paying Taxes in 2020

As an entrepreneur, what strategies can you put in place to help you prepare for the next tax season? As an entrepreneur, you’re tasked with running a complete business, including hiring and firing, scheduling, cash flow analysis, vendor payments, and much more. On top of it all, paying taxes can be a huge burden—both financially […]

Focusing on Employee Health Could Net Organizations Tax Benefits

Employers who provide paid family and medical leave to employees may qualify for a business tax credit through 2019 As the U.S. unemployment rate has seen record lows this year (3.7 percent in August), companies are scrambling to update their recruitment processes and benefits packages to stay competitive in the battle for talent acquisition. As […]

The Tax Benefits of Investing in Opportunity Zones

Learn why opportunity zones continue may be an attractive option to some investors thanks to government tax incentives The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) brought many changes to the tax law, including changes to the standard deduction and tax brackets. Another big change was the creation of tax incentives for investments in […]

Important State and Federal Tax Changes in 2019

Changes in tax law and pending legislation don’t always make the headlines. Businesses must stay informed to avoid the price of being caught unawares. Tax laws are ultimately no different from any other in that they’re subject to legislative change. These changes may be sweeping and significant but are most often incremental shifts as policy […]

Understanding Business Travel Expenses and Tax Deductions

The TCJA changes how to treat business travel expenses when filing taxes Entrepreneurs have plenty to manage, from growing their business to paying employees to managing client and vendor relationships. Paying taxes is a big consideration and can be complex, especially when the tax law continues to change and thus requirements are hard to follow. […]

How the HIT Tax Could Eventually Impact Individuals and Entrepreneurs

Even though the health insurance tax (HIT) has been suspended, what will it mean for taxpayers, and especially entrepreneurs, if it’s finally introduced? The health insurance tax (HIT) is intended as a fee imposed on insurance companies, though its implementation has been delayed by lawmakers since 2015. This year, lawmakers have proposed again suspending it […]

How Entrepreneurs Can Avoid IRS Tax Scams

IRS tax scams continue to occur every year, and scammers update their tactics to be more sophisticated. As an entrepreneur, here’s how to steer clear of these frauds One of the most common types of scams out there is related to alleged tax crimes. These scammers take advantage of the fact that taxes are complicated […]

U.S. Taxes for Ex-Pat Entrepreneurs

Pay close attention to U.S. tax laws even if you live and run your business overseas One of the perks of being an entrepreneur or self-employed worker is that you can live and work from anywhere, including other countries. However, taxes still need to be filed in the U.S., even if you’re living and working […]